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Margo Shuttleworth, EdD

Current HDSB Ward 4 HDSB School Trustee and Board Chair


I believe that you only get what you give, so it is part of my life mantra to immerse myself in the community within which I live, and to that end  I have always prided myself on my involvement and visibility within my community.  It is so important to me to build upon the strong sense of community that I believe is so important to children and families.  My family take pride in the programs that the community offers and always try to involve ourselves fully through our participation. Whether it be the 'Car Free' Activities, local sports programs, library activities or local festivals, my family and I always to try get involved.   Community spirit and pride fuel many aspects of my life. I am proud to be involved the the Appleby Street Festival (which is back on the street this year) as well as local street parties that are organized in my hood.   I am an active community advocate for issues that affect people living in our community. I was a member of Burlington's Charter Action Team which (pre COVID) looked at how we can ensure that the city engages its  citizens in decision making processes.

As Trustee I continue to strengthen those communication avenues.  I respond within 24 hours to emails, phone calls or any queries I receive; I have set up super council meeting with all the schools in Ward Four involved; I keep my ear to the ground to try to ensure I am in touch with the various communities I am here to represent. 

As Chair of the Board, I ensure that all voices are heard, I think it is so important that as a board, we work together to ensure the communities the Trustees represent across the region of Halton feel valued and heard at the board table.

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